Police Station

Located on the Metropole corner, the impressive brick building belonging to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) was taken over in the late 1960s by the Royal Ulster Constabulary (R.U.C.) to replace the existing Police Station on Eglinton Street opposite the Railway Station. The Ordnance Survey map of 1900 shows the Police Station (Royal Irish Constabulary) on Eglinton Street. A map of Portrush from 1853 shows the Police barracks on Mark Street  [or possibly on Main Street – it is not quite clear which].

The current building itself, constructed originally as a private house, bears witness to these and earlier turbulent times with the barbed wire loops topping the fences, which were a common sight during “The Troubles”, making it more difficult for terrorist criminals to get to a building. Thankfully, Portrush was not overly affected by the Troubles by comparison with other parts of the country, but there were some serious incidents including an evening in April 1987 when two R.U.C. Officers were murdered on Main Street and in 1976 a series of incendiary bombs destroyed several buildings on Main Street. The Police Station is no longer open to the public but is used as out-offices from Coleraine Station and as a base for controlling policing for large events in the town.