Devil’s Washtub

The ‘Devil’s Wash Tub’ is a shallow, rocky inlet near the tip of Ramore Head, found in front of the park on the pathway to the top of the Head. On a stormy day, the incoming surging waves which are squeezed into the narrow channel provide a spectacular scene of frothing, foamy water and high bursts of spray which can be viewed from the path above.

Although it is not advised to get too close to the rough currents and tide created by the narrow channel and strong waves, the surrounding rocks are the perfect location for fishers of sea trout and mackerel as the fish get trapped or confused in the narrow inlet. On 25th August 2018, the coastguard also reported the washing up of a whale carcass in the devil’s washtub as it got trapped in the narrow passageway.

The origins of the name are not recorded, but it is likely over the narrow shape of the inlet, the dangerous nature of the feature and the awe-inspiring yet frantic shapes of the water caught there during rough weather.