1105 Marine Craft Unit

On 23 January 1964, Portrush Harbour had some unexpected visitors when four high speed launches belonging to the Royal Air Force (or R.A.F.) arrived. They were there in preparation for a new base for No.1105 Marine Craft Unit which was to be officially opened in March that year. R.A.F. No.1105 Marine Craft Unit was in operation between 1964-1971. The powerful motorboats supported Coastal Command at the nearby R.A.F. Ballykelly, Co. Londonderry. They were employed in recovering harmless practice shells and bombs which were used during training.
They also had a role in air-sea rescue and for towing targets during exercises. A plaque at the Harbour Office records the contribution made by 1105 R.A.F. Marine Craft Unit and also the RAF Air-Sea Rescue craft based in the harbour during World War Two.