YEP! Teaching Resources


The images and text used in the YEP! App and Teacher’s Resources below may be used by teachers and children for educational, personal research, in-school presentations, school exhibitions & competitions and similar non-commercial purposes.

The images and text must not be sold, given, rented, leased, assigned or otherwise transmitted in any format to any person or organisation for any purpose not directly related to the work of the school. Direct or indirect use of the images for commercial purposes is not permitted.

A Wild Year – Information Sheets (YEP!)

A Wild Year – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

A Wild Year – Activity Identification Charts (YEP!)

Activity Resource Sheets (YEP!)

Identification Charts Combined (YEP!)

Myths and Legends – Information Sheets (YEP!)

Myths and Legends – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

People of Portrush – Information Sheets (YEP!)

People of Portrush – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

Popular Portrush – Information Sheets (YEP!)

Popular Portrush – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

Resource Sheets Combined (YEP!)

The Coast – Information Sheets (YEP!)

The Coast – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

The Harbour – Information Sheets (YEP!)

The Harbour – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

Tour of the Town – Information Sheets (YEP!)

Tour of the Town – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

Travel & Transport – Information Sheets (YEP!)

Travel & Transport – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

Waves of War – Information Sheets (YEP!)

Waves of War – Teacher Resource (YEP!)

What’s In The Water – Information Sheets (YEP!)

What’s In The Water – Teacher Resource (YEP!)